How fast can I achieve an 80+ Paydex Score?
Within 30 to 45 Days, and achieving this is JUST THE BEGINNING of our Business Credit Building Program - We call it Level 1.

How fast can I start obtaining Unsecured Business Credit?
Within 3 to 7 Days, and the longer you stay in the Program the more and better Credit Accounts you will obtain, so don't be a quitter!

Can I really obtain Unsecured Business CASH Lines of Credit without Personal Guarantees, even if I have Bad Personal Credit?
Yes you can, once you reach Level 5 of our Business Credit Building Program, and they will be VISA and/or MASTERCARD Accounts that you can use anywhere Credit Cards are accepted.

How much real CASH Credit can I obtain without Personal Guarantees?
Anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000+ depending on which of our Programs you purchase and on your current or projected Business Gross Sales, Net Income, and Net Worth.

How much TOTAL Unsecured Business Credit can I obtain without Personal Guarantees?
Anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000+ depending on which of our Programs you purchase and on your current or projected Business Gross Sales, Net Income, and Net Worth.

What Type of Credit Accounts will you obtain for me?
The Types of Credit Accounts we will obtain for you will depend on your Industry - Some Industries will find certain types of Accounts more useful than others, but regardless of the Industry you are in, the following are examples of Credit Accounts we will be able to obtain for you as you move through our Business Credit Building Process:

VISA/MASTERCARD Business Credit Cards (CASH Credit)
Automobile Leases and/or Loans
Equipment Leases and/or Loans
Commercial Credit Accounts to buy almost anything under the sun, including but not limited to:

Building Supplies & Equipment
Industrial Supplies & Equipment
Home and Office Furniture and Decorations
Computers, Servers, Printers, Scanners, and other Business-Class Technology
Cell Phones and other Telephony Equipment
Business and Personal Software Licenses
Gas, Diesel, & Other Fuels
Airline Tickets & Cruise Tickets
Shipping & Mailling Services and Supplies
Office Supplies, Books, and Audio Books
Marketing Materials & Direct Mail Campaigns
Clothing and Apparel
Music, Video, Video Games, and other Entertainment-Related Items
Gourmet Food (Yes, we are not kidding!)

What if I have Great Personal Credit, can I choose to Personally Guarantee the Business Credit Accounts and obtain more CASH Credit faster?
Yes, absolutely! As a matter of fact, if your Personal Credit is strong then we can combine the Business Credit Magic Program with the EZUnsecured.com Program and start getting you Approved for multiple CASH Lines of Credit and Loans in as little as 7 to 14 Days - Up to 400,000 with NO Income Documentation or up to 10 Million with Full Documentation. We are an Authorized Representative for EZUnsecured.com and work with them on files.

How does it all work?
It's all very simple yet very complicated - Simple for you...we deal with the complicated stuff. So, here is a Summary of the Business Credit Magic Process:

1.You Sign-Up Online or obtain a PDF copy of the Client package by licking HERE and fax it back to 866-435-0279.
2. We analyze and prepare your File.
3. We call you to go over your File and do a Strategy Session with you on the Phone to make sure we understand your needs and that you understand how the process will work and what to expect.
4. We setup the Credit Programs in our System and complete all the Credit Applications that will be needed.
5. We activate the 1st Credit Program (Level 1) and you start receiving automatic emails with each completed Credit Application and detailed instructions on what to do to finalize each Application, get it Approved, and get the Account to report positively to the Business Credit Bureaus.
6. You call your assigned Credit Expert if you have any questions or need any help.
7. Once Level 1 is complete, we start Level 2, then Level 3...and so on until you are satisfied and tell us to stop. The longer you stay in the Program the more and better Credit Accounts you will obtain and the more AMAZING your Business Credit will be.

What is Level 1, Level 2, etc of your Credit Building Process?
Our Business Credit Building Process has Five Levels. Each Level takes 30 to 45 Days to complete, depending on how fast you follow our Instructions. This means that in order to finish Levels 1 through 5 it will take 5 to 7 ½ Months. Each Level builds upon the Business Credit that was achieved in the previous Level in order to obtain more, better, and larger Credit Accounts in the next Level. After you achieve Level 5 you will have achieved what we consider to be AMAZING Business Credit, but it does not stop there - you can continue and we will constantly bring newer and better Credit Accounts to you - That is to say there are additional Levels (Level 6, 7, 8 etc) that you can achieve if you continue the Program - It's a never-ending Process of Improvement.

What is the Paydex Score?
The Paydex Score is the business equivalent to your Personal FICO score, or Personal Credit Score. It is Dunn & Bradstreet's unique dollar-weighted numerical indicator of how a firm paid its bills over the past year, based on trade experiences reported to D&B by various vendors. The D&B PAYDEX Score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating better payment performance.

The MINIMUM Paydex Score you will want to have is 80, and the higher the better. As you can see in the Paydex Score Chart below, in order to achieve the Highest Possible Score you need to pay 30 Days BEFORE the Due Date. This means that you should get in the habit of paying your bills at the time they are incurred (Invoiced), and this is what we will have you do as part of our Business Credit Building Process so you can achieve the Highest Possible Score.

100 - 30 days sooner than terms
95 - 25 days sooner than terms
90 - 20 days sooner than terms
85 - 10 days sooner than terms
79 or Less - Not Within Terms - You do NOT want to be in this Range!

What are the Major Business Credit Bureaus that will be used when building my Business Credit?

There are 3 Major Business Credit Bureaus, they are:

1. Dun & Bradstreet
2. Experian Business
3. Equifax Business

In order to succeed in building Amazing Business Credit, you must build a very strong Credit Profile with ALL 3 of the Business Credit Bureaus - Building only your Dun & Bradstreet is NOT enough. Here at BusinessCreditMagic.com we focus on ALL 3 of the Business Credit Bureaus, so you achieve the Best Results Possible.

I have done some research and found other Companies that claim to do the same thing you do, so what makes you better?
Well, we did that research too before starting BusinessCreditMagic.com, and here is why we are better than the rest:

1. We do all the work that can be done for you.
Other Companies just tell you what to do and hope that you actually have the time and patience to do it all in the exact schedule prescribed...They basically give you the Instructions Manual and you have to assemble the Furniture...not so good.

2. We focus on obtaining larger and more useful Credit Accounts and CASH Lines of Credit so you can buy almost anything your Business may need using your Business Credit.
Other Companies just focus on getting you an 80 Paydex Score by obtaining some relatively useless Credit Accounts that you will probably never use...you are then left with an 80 Paydex but so what? It didn't do you any good because you still can't buy the things you really need using your Business Credit. Even worse, you may not even get an 80 Paydex at all if they don't do that part of the process correctly - Believe it or not, we get Clients that come to us all the time that have been paying another Company for months to build their Business Credit and we pull their Business Credit Reports and guess what - They are all Empty or have just 1 or 2 Trade Experiences which does them no good!

3. We give you the option to buy a Seasoned Corporation that is 2 Years Old or older so that we can achieve MORE Unsecured Credit FASTER than starting a New Business or using an existing Business that has not been properly structured and maintained...This is how you can really get on the Financing FAST-TRACK!
Other Companies either don't even offer this option or don't know how to effectively combine it with the Business Credit Building Process so you end up having spent thousands of dollars on a Seasoned Corp only to get a few relatively useless Credit Accounts that you will probably never use...don't take that gamble please! What good is a Seasoned Corp that has no Credit? Not much we don't think.

4. You will only work with Experienced Experts at EZUnsecured.com and all they do all day long is create and implement Strategies to obtain Unsecured Business Financing - That is all they do and they are very good at it!
Other Companies will hire Minimum-Wage Call Center types that don't really have the Knowledge and Experience needed to get you the Best Possible Results...try them and you will see what we mean.

5. We are much more organized and reliable. Here at BusinessCreditMagic.com, everything that can be automated is automated. Everything is done online, and we have an Amazing Back-End CRM System that works wonders. We are also open Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm ET and there are always at least 4 Receptionists available to answers your calls.
Other Companies have rudimentary or no Back-End Systems, and their Phones often go to voicemail or give you busy signals when you need them the most...not the type of service you deserve.