Our programs

Here at BusinessCreditMagic.com we have different Business Credit Programs to accommodate your unique needs.  As you read about the Benefits of each Program, keep in mind that each Program is designed to achieve a different amount of Unsecured Business Credit, so THE LARGER THE AMOUNT OF CREDIT YOU DESIRE, THE BETTER THE PROGRAM YOU WILL NEED TO INVEST IN.

This is a Good Choice if you already have an Existing Business that you would like to use.  We will build Amazing Business Credit and obtain Unsecured Credit Accounts for your Existing Business. Your existing Business must have a clean or non-existent Credit History – If your current Business Credit History is damaged, then we recommend you choose another one of our Programs.

The Maximum Estimated Possible Credit that you can obtain in this case varies and will depend on various factors related to your Existing Business.

This is a Smart Choice if you would like to start fresh with a Clean Seasoned Corporation that was incorporated over 1 to 10 Years ago, has been maintained in Good Standing and clean of liabilities, and has been sitting on the shelf just waiting for you to purchase it and make it your own. 

We will then build Amazing Business Credit and obtain Unsecured Credit Accounts for your Seasoned Corporation.  The biggest advantage that you will have is that because your Seasoned Corporation is several years old it will immediately qualify for larger and better Unsecured Credit Accounts than if you Incorporated a New Business or used an Existing Business that is new or that was not properly set-up. This is a great way to Turbo-Charge the Business Credit Building Process and obtain more, better, and larger Unsecured Credit Accounts – FASTER!

The Maximum Estimated Possible Unsecured Credit that you can obtain in this case is $500,000, depending on the Age of the Corporation - The Older the Better.