Protect your personal credit

It's a Scenario we see all too often...

A Business Owner with Damaged or Over-Extended Personal Credit comes to us looking for Business Financing in order to clean-up his Personal Credit Report with the money obtained from the Business Credit achieved. So far it does not sound so bad, but think about WHY his Personal Credit got Damaged or Overextended in the first place...It's because the Business Owner used his Personal Credit Cards and Lines of Credit to finance his Business, and then found out that his Personal Credit Scores went down the drain because of so many Credit Inquiries, Maxed-Out Credit Cards, and maybe even some late payments because the Business Owner was so busy running his Business that he forgot about his Personal Credit Card Bills. The Business Owner, still in need of Capital to continue to grow his Business, attempts to obtain more Financing and finds out that it has become impossible to obtain any additional Credit because of his damaged Personal Credit and finds himself and in the worst position a Business can be in: OUT OF CASH!!!


If the Business Owner had known better, he would have ONLY obtained Financing under the Business Credit and NEVER under his Personal Credit. By keeping all the Business Debt where it should be - In the Business Name - The Business Owner could have maintained Excellent Personal Credit even though his Business Credit was Maxed-Out or even delinquent.

THIS IS WHAT WE MEAN BY PROTECTING YOUR PERSONAL CREDIT. It is actually much more than that - It is protecting the Financial Security of yourself and your Family, no matter what happens in your Business. It's just Smart Business, and that is what you will accomplish when you become our Client! We make it EASY for you - So don't waste time and Sign-Up right now!