Why Us

BusinessCreditMagic.com is the result of 7 years of Experience and Research in Unsecured Business Financing. We are an Authorized Representative of EZUnsecured.com and our Business Credit Programs are the most Complete and Intensive you will find anywhere, so much so that after you go through the first 5 Levels of the Program you will have well over 25 Unsecured Business Credit Accounts, with anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000+ in Unsecured Business Credit (depending on the Program you invest in), and all of this WITHOUT ANY PERSONAL GUARANTEES!

Yes, that is correct and it is real...your Personal Credit will not be at risk...we don't even need your Social Security number...keep it to yourself!

Now, you may be thinking: How can this be possible? Who in their right mind would give Unsecured Credit to my Business without my Personal Guarantee? Well, it happens all the time, everyday, to thousands of Businesses. To give you an extreme example, imagine that Microsoft was looking for a Line of Credit from one of its major Suppliers so it could pay over time instead of paying Cash...do you think Bill Gates would need to pledge his Personal Assets to the Supplier? In case you even need to think about the answer to this question, the answer is an obvious NO, because Microsoft is an established Business with stellar Credit Ratings.

Now, imagine that you could become a smaller version of Microsoft in the sense that your Business Credit could be very well established, with very high Credit Ratings and many positive Trade Experiences...What difference would that make to you? Here are just a few of the Benefits:

1. Protect Your Personal Credit
2. Boost Your Credibility
3. Impress Lenders
4. Win More Customers
5. Win Government Contracts
6. Negotiate Longer Payment Terms with your Major Suppliers
7. Obtain Vehicle & Equipment Leases and Loans with NO Personal Guarantees
8. Get MORE Unsecured Financing FASTER
9. Get Investors to Invest in Your Business

So, whether you have Good Credit, No Credit, or Bad Credit, if you are really serious about building Amazing Business Credit and obtaining the most Unsecured Financing for your Business in the shortest amount of time, then look no further than BusinessCreditMagic.com! We make it EASY for you - So don't waste time and Sign-Up right now!